exclusionDid you ever not get invited to something?  Did someone forget you at roll call time?  Was your name ever left off a list?

No one likes to be left out.  Exclusion is a dirty word.

But that’s exactly what companies all over America do everyday, and it’s more than hard to believe.

In today’s world of money-drives-everything, what major corporation — with hundreds or thousands of employees — would forget to look under every single profit stone possible?  What marketing department would miss the obvious, low-hanging fruit?  What president/ceo (and their board) would allow all this to be missed, after years and years of operation?

If you’re a dad, you may already know what I mean.  You’ve been left out.

Take a look at the marketing of products and services around you, and you’ll be surprised to find many major brand names pitched largely to moms.  Our great nation demands equality and political correctness (via the media), yet this is a form of old-fashioned, reverse consumerism discrimination.

Why is this so?  Let’s use this site to discuss.


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