Armour has gone under

There’s no question that moms deserve heaping praise for all they do as parents. However, running a six-month contest that ignores dads as equal parents? Well, that leaves a bad gender bias taste in our mouth.

Thisarmour3.jpg kind of exclusionary practice has no place in the parenting world. Simply put it’s sexist, and it sends many poor messages to fathers:

  • You aren’t the lead parent; you’re only an assistant to mom, at best.
  • You don’t matter to Armour as customers.
  • You don’t shop, cook, or raise your kids.
  • You aren’t worthy of our praise.

Had this promotion been conducted as part of a Mother’s Day contest and then followed up with a comparable Father’s Day sweepstakes, we’d say – fantastic.

But instead Armour chooses the stereotypical, old-fashioned path that suggests moms handle the kids and everything in the kitchen. Dads – as they tell us all the time – are actively involved with their families and remain on an equal plane every bit as their spouses. And awkwardly enough, even a dad can win this Great Moms Sweepstakes.

It’s time that Armour reconsiders its approach and makes things right. Now.


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