Produce some change

I thought we were past the whole “dads don’t cook” thing.

Sure, we still have a strong dose of stereotypical, old fashioned marketing out there via Betty Crocker, Texas Toast, Jif, and others, but I wouldn’t have expected this kind of a headline from a young, modern mom and a website promising to be “your healthy family resource.”produceforkids

Besides, this kind of old school caption is a tremendous disservice to moms, which still assumes mom’s place is in the kitchen. It also assumes that dad’s don’t help in the kitchen; for the majority of families 70 years ago, that might have been true, but not anymore.

Women work outside the home now, and more and more, duties are shared. It’s not perfect in every home, but dads and moms are both taking on roles they never would have considered back in the day.

Produce for Kids has an impressive reputation for using the word parent as much as possible, and not often excluding dads. Its blog author lineup is rather imbalanced by using only two dads, but at least the site has been fairly good about including fathers in photos, proving that they’re parents, too. Still ,we’d like to see them employ a more fatherly perspective from its writers, proving dad’s worth as a parent who cares about his kids’ nutrition.

I’ve even seen dads in grocery stores.

The least Produce for Kids could do is revise the headline – a simple fix – and thus make dads feel like PFK is talking to them, too. If this was a newspaper, it’s in print forever, and there’s no changing it. But the wonder of the Internet lets its authors/editors make changes whenever they want.

Indeed, no one likes to be ignored, and dads are also looking for ideas on how to put together a quick meal on busy nights.


One thought on “Produce some change

  1. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. We really appreciate it. We have changed our headline to read, “10 Kitchen Staples Everyone Needs.” We understand the needs of busy working parents and hope that our site serves in making day-to-day healthy eating easier for all. Thanks again for your comments.

    Produce for Kids

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