Culturelle shock

My calendar tells me the year is still 2014, but the marketing team behind Culturelle Kids is clearly situated 40 years ago or more.culturelle

Here we have what appears to be an exceptional childrens’ chewable pill to reduce tummy discomfort, and all Culturelle can think is that kids must only want moms.

Why are dads constantly being told through marketing messages that they’re less than moms? Today, the roles have never been more equal, great strides have been made in various industries and professions with relation to pay, and parents often share duties past generations wouldn’t have dared.

So why must dads continue to hear that they’re second fiddle to mom’s better judgment and instincts? Moms are no more intelligent than dads, and dads are no more clueless than moms. No matter if it’s an animal or a human being, parental instinct is a strong force, and even with lack of knowledge, adults learn as they go.

Yet Culturelle perpetuates the sad and ugly stereotype from a bygone era that dads can’t handle it and thus, kids must want mom first, making dad feel like a secondary, if not useless, parent.

If Culturelle Kids is indeed the #1 pediatrician recommended probiotic – and some of those pediatricians must be dads – then who are their kids calling when they have a sick tummy?

Culturelle, we hope you can consider all of your customers when crafting your marketing materials. Dads take care of kids, too.

Our culture is different now – and you should know better, because it’s part of your name.


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