No trust = no relationship

Baby Depot at Burlington claims to “carry the most Mom-trusted brands” anywhere.

Who says they’re Mom-trusted?babydepot

If it’s Baby Depot at Burlington, I’d beg to differ. I don’t see any asterisk with tiny print at the bottom indicating this assertion is based on some recent study or survey.

If it’s moms, I’d also question that greatly. Do moms trust the brands, or are they simply buying them based on a sudden need combined with the right timing, store location and sale price?

The word trust is a meaningful and intense one, and it shouldn’t be tossed around so carelessly. As stated at, trust is “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.”

I know of couples, married for many years, who sadly wouldn’t say, “I trust you.” I know high school teenagers who say “I love you” at the drop of a hat, but uttering the “trust” word is something different. That elevates a relationship to different level.

Why does I love you – arguably the ultimate expression of care for someone – have to be so flippant sometimes and much easier to say than I trust you?

We find the word trust on coins. We read it in the Bible. We hear it at weddings.

It connotes feelings of confidence, belief, hope, care.

But dads are none of these, or Baby Depot at Burlington would have said so in its latest ad. They would have said that their brands are also Dad-trusted in this October 2014 American Baby magazine ad. Why must companies continue to exclude dads from advertising as they await the birth of their child? Aren’t dads expecting the baby too? Aren’t dads part of the growing family?

Who knows, maybe Baby Depot at Burlington will get it right in their next ad.

I doubt it, though – I don’t trust them.


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