Imagine for a moment, the thought of celebrating certain holidays every single day of the year. Halloween trick-or-treating would probably lose its thrill. Thanksgiving turkey would get a bit old. Christmas cheer would be a little less, um, cheery.vader

But Father’s Day? I suspect most dads would wish for it 24/7/365. Who can blame them?

Right now a dad somewhere in Maine is sleeping in. In Pennsylvania, two kids are serving daddy Lucky Charms, Pop Tarts and juice boxes in bed. In Michigan, a father and his daughters are going to the NASCAR race. In California, a dad and his dad are going out to eat. In Arizona, a group of dads are playing golf. In Nebraska, it’s pizza, ice cream and a bike ride for pops and the family.

That’s the beauty of this holiday. There’s no one way to celebrate it. Sometimes families make plans together, but many times it’s up to the dad – a day to call his own shots and do whatever he wants.  There’s no expected traditions and expectations, only the ones you set.

It’s nice to see one day a year dedicated to dads, but we here at dadmarketing think it should be year round. There have been plenty of store ads on TV this week devoted to dads. We’ve seen numerous media stories about more stay-at-home dads, or how dads help out more, or how dads have a big influence on lives.

Let’s celebrate the spirit of this day every day, not just once a year!

Let’s see it in advertisements and as part of long-term marketing plans. Let’s see brands embrace dads in everything they do.

But all you businesses can start thinking about that tomorrow. Today, give the dad in your life some recognition.

If you make it all about the dad today, though, you’re missing the point. Be sure to acknowledge the kids too, who made them dads in the first place. Without them, there’s no Father’s Day. And don’t forget moms, too, who make dads better men through their support and love.

You know who you are, and we salute you! Enjoy this day!


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