There’s no ointment that treats offensive marketing

drsmith5We’re seeing a striking similarity with Dr. Smith’s latest ad, and ads from yesteryear that would be deemed offensive today.

Why is it that Dr. Smith’s can get away with saying that only moms trust its brand? Why does it get away with saying that only moms love Dr. Smith’s?

In doing so, it’s clearly saying that dads don’t matter to Dr. Smith’s as customers.

Forget the fact that Dr. Smith’s might be targeting its product to a certain segment – the product has nothing to do with females. So, you have to consider one simple question: don’t dads parent, too?

That said, pause for a moment and check out this old-fashioned ad.

What might be wrong about running this ad in today’s world? Because people of all genders and ages would rightfully find it incredibly distasteful and insulting.

That’s kind of how we here at dadmarketing view this newest Dr. Smith’s ad. We’re not comparing the ad content — we’re comparing how the two ads make us feel. It’s a sad state when Dr. Smith’s can’t even consider dads enough to speak to them, declaring that only mothers tend to children. It’s insulting and it’s distasteful, to treat dads this way as parents and consumers.

Dads trust Dr. Smith’s. Why can’t Dr. Smith’s trust dads in return?


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