Nestle Pure Life misfires

You’ll find no knee-jerk reaction to marketing campaigns we encounter before posting them at

When we saw the new “Nestle Pure Life Promise” campaign on the side of a water bottle which exclaims, “Meet our moms,” it might be easy to jump to conclusions.nestlepurelife

At first glance it looked like another company proclaiming “mom” as the family decision-maker, purchaser and overall food/drink provider.

At second glance, and looking deeper at its website, Nestle is trying to use employees who happen to be parents, while proclaiming that their roles as moms and employees are virtually intertwined.

That seems rather admirable.

After watching the mom videos, however, that’s when we started to notice some onesidedness at the expense of dads.

You’ll see what we mean when you check out the quote from Teneisha, account sales representative: “We are so focused on quality, and so I use that in my home, I give my family the best. Love is a reflection of quality; if I give you a bottle of Nestle Pure Life, I’m giving you a bottle of love.”

So here we have a quote that once again purports the stereotype that mom is the one who shops, makes the food decisions, and gives out the love.

Of course, it’s entirely plausible that Teneisha is a single mom, thus, the only provider for her home. But assuming that is missing the point.

Instead, here we see yet another campaign which only focuses on the moms, and it continues to perpetuate the unfortunate stereotype that dads are only the monetary providers at best, and hardly the providers of food, meals, or even love.

It’s disappointing to see Nestle Pure Life’s misfire with this campaign.

When it comes to bottled water, thanks anyway Nestle Pure Life, but we’ll drink something else.


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