There’s nothing to giggle about when Giggle says one thing, then does another

If all the mommy blogs suddenly disappeared at once, I think that would leave about 25 remaining blogs in all of cyberspace.giggle

It seems they rule the blogosphere, and that’s great. There are a lot of good, fun mom-focused sites out there, and they each serve a purpose. Keep ‘em coming.

But then you have, offering its Giggle Gab blog site, which we’ll get to in a moment.

First, a little background: Giggle is an online baby store, but as they say, it “isn’t just a baby store: it’s a new parent store.”

Cool, huh?

We applaud their clear focus and inclusionary word choice as a store/site for new parents.

But that’s about the last time they’ll address you dads as being real parents.

Over on their Giggle Gab blog, you can not only find a “City Mom” menu tab, but also articles like “5 Photos Every Mom Should Take During Baby’s First Year,” and “3 Tips for Making New Mom Friends & Setting Up the Perfect Play Date.”

If you dads weren’t turned off already and actually decided to click on their “Parent Talk” tab hoping to be spoken to there, you can forget that, too. There you’ll find a “Parent Talk” logo with the amusing description, “Get tips from the trenches with this information-packed blog from the authors of ‘The Rookie Mom’s Handbook’ and ‘Stuff Every Mom Should Know.'”

We’re not taking anything away from the authors or the books, which are probably excellent.

But by listing the names of those books which don’t speak to dads whatsoever, and doing so in a supposed “Parent Talk” section without any dad authors, it’s rather contradictory.

The best dad treatment we could find was an article posted five days before last year’s Father’s Day which helps last-minute moms skate through dad’s important day looking like they were prepared. Here’s the author’s opening:

“Before you panic about being unprepared for Father’s Day this Sunday, I want to remind you that you probably already have everything you need to celebrate. (Yes, really.) Think about it: you could brew some coffee, change all of today’s diapers, and whip up a real present, all in a few minutes.”

Whip up? I don’t want to discount these nice gesture ideas for a mom who’s had a busy week, but that seems like one seriously low-balled Father’s Day. Although the author goes on to give some other sweet ideas, but by then the damage was done. has an impressive “as seen in” resume, but it’s still a bit of an unknown. If it really wants to be perceived as the go-to site for new parents, it should start acting like it and let dads in on their content.

Dads have feelings. Dads want to learn more about parenting. Dads care about their kids. Dads shop and buy things.

And, dads count too.


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